3 Plumbing Problems That Get Worse if Left Alone


It’s incessant, isn’t it? That leaking tap. One of these days, you’ll get around to fixing it. It’s only leaking.

Unfortunately, leaky taps, along with other seemingly minor problems, can cause damage over time. That simple fix, put off, can cause an expensive problem later on.

Here are some easily-fixed plumbing warning signs you should not ignore:

Leaking Taps

This common problem is something everyone has experience with. It is an irritating issue, usually caused by a poor seal inside the tap.

While often seen as a “get around to it” problem, the internal leaking, if left long enough, can cause corrosion of the valve seat, turning a simple washer replacement into a complicated repair.

Leaking Pipes

It’s easy to think of pipe failures as being big geysers of water, flooding homes and causing untold damage. The reality is that most leaks are small: so small, they often go unnoticed.

This can add up to significant water damage. Some of the more severe issues are mold, rot and mildew. Additionally, many construction materials can be damaged over time by the moisture.

Most small leaks occur at the joints, making periodic inspection easy. If caught early enough, simply re-fitting the joint can sometimes solve the problem. Just like with taps, however, longer-term leaks can corrode the fittings themselves, leading to a replacement.

It’s a good idea to regularly inspect the area around your pipes for dampness.

Partial Blockages

Blockages often start small: a sink that empties slowly, or a shower that threatens to flood but never quite does. Regrettably, they won’t stay small for long, and will likely build up over time.

A partial blockage is easy to resolve, but a complete one may need a professional to fix, taking your shower out of commission for several days.

Occasionally running a mixture of hot water and vinegar down your drains can help reduce the chance of a blockage occurring.


Plumbing is all about keeping water inside the system. This can be surprisingly hard to do, with parts wearing out over time. Catching these failures when they are still small can save you a lot of money, time and hassle in the long run. Not only do plumbing problems eventually get worse, they damage your home while they do.

Remember, plumbing can be complicated, and the consequences of a plumbing failure can be expensive. If a problem is already severe, or you are not confident you can fix it, it might be time to hire a plumber.

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